Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Half-Life 2: Alyx Vance exposed

New screenshots from Cinematic Mod

  "Pretty pretty"


  "dem abs"


  "sunglasses at night"


  "Adriana Lima ???"


  "Why so sad?"

  "your sister?"

Cinematic Mod with no end in sight: the modder Fakefactory continue working on his second Cinematic Mod for Half-Life. Currently, he tinkers on a new Alyx model, which comes with long hair and a more sexy look. In addition, the modders working on new lighting effects for the first-person shooter made ​​by Valve. What do think about her new look?  If you ask me, she reminds me a bit of the Victoria Secret Supermodel Adriana Lima in younger years. But that six pack, hm i don't know...


  Original from Half-Life 2 Game:

3 Kommentare:

Euphobia said...

Lol, wow. That's quite a difference.

Robert said...

Looks a bit unnatural to me. To thin for this musculature.

Lava Lamper said...

Prefer the original to be honest. Modest Alyx is bestest Alyx!

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