Saturday, April 7, 2012

Blog Update

Hello internet,
I changed today not only the design of my blog almost completely, i also have a new plan for the future where the blog will go. I decided that i would like to appeal to a wider Audience. In order to that, it won't be longer only dedicated to Mass Effect 3 but to games in general. The focus will be on screenshots and game art, especially with modding background, since i have gained some experience with post process effects and ENB. I will deliver not only screenshots but also whole modding lists and tutorials.

Stay tuned and keep your eyes opened for the next days.


9 Kommentare:

P.L.U.C.K. said...

The screenshot looks really good, I am looking forward to seeing more from you. Changing to a more general gaming blog sounds like a good idea, as there is so much more content you can cover as well.

Lukas said...

The design looks great, i like it

Lokir said...

Woooow this on looks great...thats Skyrim isn't it?

Ryan Taylor said...

Really looking forward to getting into this blog

ernsthaft said...

thx u for ur feedback, i appreciate :-)

ernsthaft said...

jap that's Skyrim

spielst du es auch?

Vom said...

Woah your blog is awesome man, cool background and layout!
Also the content is interesting!
Consider yourself followed!

anubis said...

hey, thats great

Romaks said...


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