Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Binding of Isaac "Wrath of the Lamb"

"Wrath of the Lamb" is a new DLC coming to The Binding of Isaac in late april. 

The Binding Of Isaac is an original dungeon crawler with shooting mechanics based on the dungeon structure of the NES version of Zelda and instead of using a traditional leveling system, the game uses an item system . The game takes place in a procedurally-generated world which is filled with power-ups, items and special abilities (Which changes Isaac's appearance).

Edmund McMillen the creator of The Binding of Isaac gave his fans today (6h ago) on twitter some new detail information about the new content in Wrath of the Lamb:

10+ bosses, 100+ items, 20+ enemies, 4 chapters, 1 character, 6 rooms, 40+ unlocks, 4+ new tracks, new final ending, 7+ new "random happenings" 5 new ultra rare pickups, 5 new cards, 4 new pills, 10 new challenges and buttload of new achievements!

Prize: 3$ on steam

You don't know Isaac? Play the demo for free on web without installer: 

source:  twitter @EdmundMcMillen

9 Kommentare:

Ryan Taylor said...

I enjoyed the fuck out of this game.
perfect time waster
Just wish they had in the apple store

Jim said...

I love the cartoony feel of this game, looks fun.

Geojour said...

Oh HELL yes! I was seriously going to derp around the webs looking for something that my crappy computer can play - but that is ALSO fun!

Thanks mang!

ernsthaft said...

i hope u enjoy it as i did. Can't wait for the dlc :)

Stakleno oko said...

Really enjoyed this game,will get the DLC,also cool blog,following

Freshy said...

Looks good. Gonna try it for sure ;)

Lukas said...

will try demo, looks like a fun game

Robert said...

The art style reminds me of super meat boy

ernsthaft said...

i can tell you why, it is from the same creator. There are also some eastereggs related to super meat boy! You can build up a "meatboy", it is very funny. :)

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